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Debt recovery in general:

We believe that obtaining payment for overdue debts requires skillful communications rather than just simply mailing standard letters. This skill enables us to quickly assess the actual amount due for the debt, as well as the debtor's attitude towards its payment. We feel that personal visits are often the key to achieving results.

Assessing debtor's ability to pay:

Agreeing a debt is the first step. Obtaining payment is another! All debtor's that are unable to pay their debt in full are professionally assessed for their financial ability to service any payment terms.

Charges on results only:

However long it takes, however large or small the debt is, we do not charge for unsuccessful work. In some cases we do not even charge for legal work (except court filing fees). If required, our litigation department will take whatever steps that are necessary to obtain payment.

Aged debtor/credit collections:

This service offers an alternative approach to the collection of overdue trading debts thus increasing client's cash flow. An update of overdue debtor's can be accessed on a monthly basis. We merely act as an extension to your present credit control department. All funds collected are paid directly to the client.